How old is Russy now?

He’s almost 16.

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Russy, Diggy & Angela


Russy, Diggy & Angela


Diggy & Angela


Diggy & Angela

So does he have kid and if he did then it would be with me

No and no.

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I'm running out of patience with Dan. There is not need for him to be neglecting us like he is.

Shrug it off and live your life in the meanwhile. Waiting is a waste of time. When he decides to release something, he will release something. Doesn’t seem like any time soon, though.
The only thing I’m disappointed in is that he hasn’t let us know what’s up. If he’s taking a break from music, it’s cool with me. Whatever he feels like doing. Just let us know. Would be dearly appreciated, lol. That would have prevented a lot of ”trouble” too.

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Any Good Diggy Blogs To Follow?

unexpected4lw is currently my favorite one. :)

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It's almost been a year, since Diggy started going MIA and almost year since we first hear about OOTW

Very true

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I miss the good old days, when everyone was around and Diggy was literally everywhere and people would race to post the newest picture of him up first on there blog. growing up stinks
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What happened to diggy and khalil??

Nothing that I know of. Their friendship just faded.

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I know it's hard for us at this point because Simmons still has to release new stuff, but we can't give up on him. I can feel it in my heart that he's gonna surprise us all. Forreal. And maybe it's just me, but I believe in Digg and us so I'm not giving up. Not matter what, I'm not giving up. I love Digg too much.
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Do you know if there are any DjSpinKing tumblrs? If so what are some good ones?

Nope, only his official one (djspinking) but he hasn’t been active on that one for monthsssss.

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So I was in London on vacation last week and while shopping in Forever 21, Hello World starting playing and that really just made me think about why I was such a go hard JetSetter. Just made me more anxious for new music

Ahhh, that’s great!! Right, makes you feel nostalgic about the early years.

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